Sophos Complete Security Solutions recommends Sophos who are a world leader in the provision of IT security and data protection for business.

Complete Security for Your Business

Sophos Partner logo - supportSophos offer a range of award-winning products that offer organisations complete protection – from the network gateway, to servers and endpoint computers, to data in the cloud and users’ personal mobile devices.

With over 100,000 businesses and 100 million users worldwide Sophos solutions proactively protect organisations against all new and unknown threats and help to secure data against accidental or malicious loss.

Protecting your business

Sophos complete security solutions reduce the threat, protect users and data, stop attacks and breaches, and most importantly keep your employees productive.

Products are backed by a global network of expert SophosLabs who monitor threats, attacks and legitimate applications 24/7/365 and connect live to businesses through the ‘active protection’ service.
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We’re Sophos experts

As a Sophos partner are experts at deploying and supporting the software and have access to a wealth of benefits otherwise unavailable such as direct access to Sophos, on-going training and technical support.

Sophos Security Solutions

Sophos Security solutions allow you to secure every endpoint on your network, from laptops to virtual desktops and servers, to web and email traffic and mobile devices.

They’re available in a variety of all-in-one security suites and individual standalone solutions protecting your network, end users and servers. Solutions are available for all sizes of business helping to simplify your ICT security and protect your business and users against threats and intrusions.

We recommend the following Sophos solutions:

Network Protection

Sophos Network Protection icon - supportSophos Network Protection

Sophos’s unified threat management (UTM) solutions will help you consolidate your IT security without compromising on its effectiveness.

Secure your complete business network and protect users everywhere with anti-virus, next-generation firewall, Wi-Fi, and web server protection – all with a single device that’s easy to deploy and manage.

What’s protected?

  • Your complete network – servers, computers and mobile devices
  • Your branch offices and any remote users connected with VPN
  • Your Email, web servers and even Wi-Fi users
Sophos UTM logo - support Unified Threat Management

A complete security solution for your business in a single modular appliance. From essential network firewall to web protection and endpoint anti-virus for email, laptops and mobile devices. Simplifying your security without the need for multiple solutions.

UTM overview Datasheet

Sophos Next-Generation Firewall logo - support

Next-Generation Firewall

Protect virtual and physical servers from malware and threats without compromising on performance.

UTM Next-Generation Firewall Datasheet

Sophos Secure Wi-Fi - support

Secure Wi-Fi

Secure and reliable wireless access for your business. Plug in Sophos wireless access points and turn your Sophos UTM into a powerful wireless controller.

Wireless Protection Datasheet

Sophos Secure Web Gateway - support

Secure Web Gateway

Complete web protection everywhere – preventing malware, spyware and viruses. Take control of your web traffic and employees’ web use and block the latest threats everywhere your users go – even when not on your network.

UTM Web Protection Datasheet

Secure Email Gateway support

Secure Email Gateway

Secure your email from spam, phishing and data loss with transparent email filtering.

UTM Email Protection Datasheet

Web Application Firewall - support

Web Application Firewall

Protect your servers and applications. Prevent hackers from exploiting your website and applications – stop attacks, prevent data loss and meet compliance regulations.

Enduser Protection

Sophos Enduser Protection logo - supportSophos Enduser Protection

Sophos endpoint protection will keep your valuable company data safe and protect your users from malware and attacks. Shield your users with anti-virus protection, data encryption, and mobile control. Wherever users are, whatever device they’re using, they will always be protected and free from threats and intrusions.

What’s Protected?

  • Your whole network – All servers, computers and mobile devices
  • Provides encryption for devices and file shares

Sophos Enduser Protection suite logo - support

Enduser Protection Suites

An all-in-one security suite providing protection for your desktops, laptops, mobile devices, data, web and email – all with a single license.

Download resources:

Complete Security Datasheet Data Protection Suit Datasheet Web Protection Data Sheet

Sophos Endpoint Anti-virus icon - support Endpoint Anti-virus

Essential threat protection for your desktops and laptops, managed locally or through the cloud.

Sophos Cloud Datasheet
Server Protection

Sophos Server Protection icon - supportSophos Server Protection

Sophos have optimised their market leading anti-virus technology for heavy-duty use in demanding server environments further eliminating potential threats.

Sophos anti-virus protection will deliver more effective and faster protection across your business network and IT estate of both physical and virtual servers.

What’s Protected?

  • Multiple platform support – Windows, UNIX and Linux servers
  • Small memory footprint won’t slow you down. Sophos anti-virus agent has low performance impact, and is optimised for virtualisation
  • HIPS protection for Windows is easy to deploy and manage
Sophos Server Security icon - supportServer Security

Protect your virtual and physical servers from malware and threats without sacrificing on performance.

Sharepoint Datasheet

Complete Security Suites

Sophos Complete Security Suites icon - supportSophos Complete Security Suites

Sophos Complete Security protects you everywhere, from your network, to your servers, endpoints and mobile devices. Since all the software is from a single provider it works better together than using multiple solutions from various providers plus it comes with a single licence.

There are two paths that will provide complete security for your business:

  1. Sophos EndUser Protection and Complete Security Suites or
  2. Sophos Unified Threat Management (UTM) Appliances
Sophos Complete Security Suite box - supportSophos Complete Security Suite
  • Combines endpoint, mobile, data, email, web, and server protection – all in one licence
  • End user protection that blocks malware and controls mobile devices, applications, data and network access
  • Full-disk, email and file encryption, together with data control
  • Web protection at the gateway and endpoint to protect users everywhere
  • Email protection to block spam, viruses and control sensitive data
  • Control of iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices

Complete Security suite datasheet

Sophos Enduser Web Suite box - supportSophos Enduser Web Suite
  • Combines web, endpoint and mobile security in a single licence
  • Blocks malware and controls mobile devices, applications, data and network access
  • Protects against web threats no matter where users are – at home, on the road, or in the office
  • Saves on backhauling, bandwidth and gateway infrastructure costs
Sophos UTM box - supportSophos UTM
  • Manage protection from the central, browser-based interface
  • Integrated firewall, intrusion prevention, web control and email security
  • Makes sure endpoints are protected from malware and rogue devices
  • Secures branch offices with the plug-and-protect Sophos Remote Ethernet Device (RED)
  • Protects wireless networks and provides secure Wi-Fi access
  • Hardware appliance, virtual appliance or software only available

UTM datasheet

What next?

If you’d like to know more about our range of Sophos security solutions or would like advice about your IT security and how best to protect yourself – please contact us today or call 01793 295000 to speak to an expert member of our team.