Our Service Delivery KPIs

Find out more about our Service Delivery KPIs and what this means to our support clients.

Delivering on our promises

Below are just a few of the Key Performance Indicators we use to monitor our IT support services.

We can report on pretty much any aspect of our service and provide clients with detailed reporting to confirm that we are keeping our promises, delivering excellent service and value for money.

Average Waiting Time

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Average waiting time

This is how long the average waiting time is when you telephone us. The lower the better.

It’s how long you wait to speak to a real person who is experienced enough to begin resolving the issue you’re calling about – not how long before you get a recorded message thanking you for calling but telling you how busy we are or asking you to work your way through a menu system. We like to be honest and transparent about any performance claims we make.

Same Day Fix (Calls)

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Same day fix (calls)

This is the percentage of all support issues and requests that you raised by telephone, that are completed on the same day as you raised them. Obviously, this isn’t always possible; for example sometimes parts need to be obtained.

Once more, the higher this number, the better. It shows that experienced people with strong technical knowledge are in control of your support request and that any delays are kept to a minimum.

Same Day Fix (All Sources)

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Same day fix (all)

This is similar to the Same Day Fix (Calls) but includes requests that are raised by other methods (e.g. email, Client Portal) and very low priority requests.

Requests that you’ve helped identify as low priority are still important to us, and we always do what we can to ensure that they are fulfilled on the same day.

Overall SLAs Met

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Overall SLAs

This is a very generic overview of how we score (on average) when it comes to keeping our promises about how long we take to get back to you, start fixing the issue, and resolving it. The higher the number the better.

We have all sorts of service Level agreements depending on the priority of your request and what it concerns. We make these promises to all our clients, based on your requirements, when you come on board. You’ll get reports tailored for you that show how we’re meeting targets.

Bear in mind that not everything is within our control – we have to wait for people to get back to us with information or approval sometimes. But we have not failed to stay within agreed targets to date.

Client Satisfaction

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Client satisfaction

This reports our average score in our client satisfaction surveys. The higher the better.

These are completely voluntary short questionnaires sent to clients after each support case is closed. Surveys consist of a few multiple choice questions and an open box for comments. Clients may opt out if desired.

We read all comments received, good and bad, with a view of continual improvement. Client’s comments are very valuable. We have a higher than average response rate (usually over 10% of surveys are completed and returned, rather than the 5% industry standard).

Our business intelligence (BI) and measurement

We think tracking and measuring what we do is so critical to our success and yours.

It’s easy to say but we’re truly passionate about measuring what we do. Here’s why.

It’s important

We’re a customer service organisation first and foremost. If we don’t keep our promises or help you grow through ICT, you will look elsewhere. We really don’t want that to happen. As a result were extremely serious and passionate about making sure we’re doing things right.

This is where business intelligence, stats and reporting help us. We’ve invested in systems that allow us to see everything transparently. We measure everything that is important and then do something about it – continual service improvement (CSI).

It benefits you

Because we are critical of ourselves and the way we do things, we can earnestly say that we’re committed to serving you well and doing things efficiently. This means better and more reliable service and value-for-money is passed on to you.

Advanced users

We have a reputation with the developers of the reporting and intelligence software that we use. Within a week or two, we’re generally regarded as advanced users. This is often down to the fact that we find small glitches when we look into the detail and try to verify the reporting.

We’re advanced users simply because we check the validity and truth behind what we measure because we’re utterly serious about improving our service – more so than many other MSPs seem to be.

People tend to reply most when they’re motivated to reply. A high response usually reflects very good or very bad service. A high rate of response coupled with a high satisfaction score indicates excellent service quality.

People are very busy, and perhaps this also reflects the good level of trust we’ve built up with our clients, and an understanding on their part that we do listen when they want to tell us something.

What next?

For more information about how we support our clients, please see our support process.

If you’d like to speak further about our managed support or any other IT or communications services, please contact us today or call 01793 295000.