Managed Mobile

Our Managed Mobile Service will alleviate your concerns about the security and management of your devices, without compromising on the productivity or privacy of your staff.

Managing your devices

In today’s information hungry culture, instant access to data has become the norm and smart phones and devices are now an essential business tool.

The explosion in mobile working is putting pressure on organisations to allow company supplied or staff owned phones and devices (BYOD) to access their corporate network. This has led to a lack of management and control of users and is a major cause of concern for data security.

Because of this businesses need to be certain that necessary security safeguards are in place to protect their company data and to ensure that confidentiality is being maintained.

Fortunately, is here to help ease your worries.

Mobile phone and tablet - support

Our Managed Mobile Service

Our Managed Mobile Service provides the ability to monitor, manage, secure and support all of your devices allowing us to safely manage and integrate them into your company’s technology infrastructure.

Our service is provided remotely and setup is quick and trouble-free. Pricing is based on a per user monthly subscription and there is no additional hardware or infrastructure needed, so no extra capital expenditure costs.

What we cover

We manage, monitor and support all your devices from initial setup and enrolment, throughout their user lifecycle, right through to device decommissioning.

Devices are managed and administered remotely by the Service Desk through over-the-air technology – we also support your users.

Our comprehensive service covers the following:

Remote lock, memory wipe and password reset

  • This helps safeguard and protect you company data in the event loss or theft

Security management

  • We manage your compliance and security for device access and usage by setting security policies and enforcing passcodes and encryption

Automated provisioning

  • We configure and provision devices remotely for new user setup, email and wifi etc

User support

  • We provide remote support for your users eg passcode resets, configurations etc

Real-time location tracking

  • We provide live monitoring and location tracking so the whereabouts of all devices is always visible

In-depth reporting

  • We provide in-depth reporting on device status, ownership and those registered to your network

Cost control

  • We monitor device data usage to help control costs with asset visibility and expense management

Multiple platforms supported

  • We support Apple iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 devices and tablets

Supports company devices and BYOD

  • Our service supports both company and staff owned devices (BYOD) providing secure access to your network for both. This provides staff with the flexibility to use any device of their choice

Who’s this for

Our Managed Mobile service is suitable for any size and type of business, from SMB to corporate, whether you deploy your own devices or your employees bring their own (BYOD).

We’re flexible depending on your needs and can support a single device up to an entire business fleet.

What next?

To find out more about our Managed Mobile services or any other service, please contact us today or call 01793 295000 and speak to one of our technology specialists.