Our Technology

We’ve invested significantly in our internal systems to ensure we deliver high quality IT support and managed services, and provide a platform for our continual improvement.

Why our technology is important to you

A key differentiator between us and so many other ICT Managed Service Providers is that we strongly and genuinely believe in using technology for operational and commercial advantage, and not for its own sake. This applies to our approach to clients too.

For this reason we are not afraid to invest in the best technology available, even if it may appear inconvenient or risky, or even if it requires significant financial re-investment.

The result is that we are ahead of the game and able to provide top quality service in these ways:

  • Improving your efficiency and facilitating growth for your company
  • Ensuring that you’re getting value-for-money from us in a way that is transparent and honest
  • Enabling us to provide premium quality service and fast, comprehensive response and resolution of issues
  • Allowing us to pre-empt issues and stop them before they affect your business
  • Analysing your ICT issues to identify and resolve the underlying problems
  • Minimising day-to-day disruption of your operations
  • Offering you visibility around your IT support issues, with updates and audit trails

How we use technology to benefit you?

  • We’ve made significant investment into our technology to ensure that we manage your tickets and requests as efficiently and comprehensively as possible. Feeding this information into our KPIs we have the bedrock needed for continual improvement in the service we deliver
  • We believe in re-investing to ensure we have the best toolset available
  • Where possible we use the same technology in-house as our clients so we share the same viewpoint as you
  • We consider the bigger picture and try to integrate our tools as far as is possible: the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts
  • We have tools that let us see what is going to happen and when something isn’t quite right before it affects you
  • Our technology allows us to work to industry standards and according to best practise (ITIL, for example)
What does our technology do?

What does our technology do?

Our remote management & monitoring system lets us:
  • Report accurately on your technology estate
  • Make sure your data is backed-up and you are safe from risk
  • Update and patch your software for best reliability
  • Keep security and threat management (Anti-virus, etc) right up-to-date across your organisation
  • Report accurately on your technology estate
Workflow management systems include:
  • Ticket tracking and management
  • Realtime prioritisation and resource allocation
  • ITIL aligned processes for event, incident, problem and change management
  • You receive realtime notifications and updates regarding your tickets and projects
  • Audit trails on changes and activities
  • SLA management and multiple clocks ticking so we won’t break our promises around response and fix times
  • Project Management
  • Portal logins and email interaction to give you flexibility in generating, updating and following your issues and requests with us
  • Flexibility allowing us to adapt to changing needs that you may have
Reporting and tracking includes:
  • Realtime reporting to help us manage and prioritise our support and operations
  • Identifying trends around your IT support
  • Reports on our services issued to you (qualitative and quantitative measures)
  • Reports on your systems (your software and hardware assets)
  • Customer satisfaction analysis
  • Deep tracking of our operations, from individual tickets right up to our company-wide KPIs and objectives
Integration of our systems:
  • Our systems link directly to our financial reporting and invoicing systems for accuracy and efficiency
  • Our systems for purchasing and proposal management are also fully integrated
Communications technology offers:
  • Full reporting on our telephony activities – we can make sure that we’re answering calls quickly for example
  • Call-routing, queuing and management, to ensure you speak to the right people as quickly as possible
  • Automated ticket creation from our telephone system when needed, including attachment of voicemails left out-of-hours so we can be on top of anything you report as soon as we are around, as a matter of priority
Documentation software provides:
  • Extensive and growing knowledge base of fixes to problems and issues for faster fixes
  • Integration with our other systems to document technical details of your systems automatically – no duplication, searching for information, and no room for error or mistakes
  • Secure access for you, so you can view information about your technology and equipment – great for internal IT teams
The same as it does for you (we use the same tools as you):
  • We have detailed knowledge and experience of the tools you use so we can be of greater help to you
  • We can help manage your security and access to systems and information in accordance with your needs
  • We can manage your computer setup and configurations using standard tools like Active Directory and Group Policy
  • We can configure or rebuild computers for you before shipping to site to save you time

What next?

To find out more about our technology and how it can help you, please contact us today or call 01793 295000 to speak to an expert member of our team.