Our Support Process

We have a mature and efficient IT support process that ensures your ICT is running smoothly and contributing to your operational success.

How we resolve your support issues

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How we support you

The industry leading systems we have in place allow us to provide a tailored service to you. We’ve refined them over time and now have a mature process, built in accordance with industry compliance and best practise in mind.

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They’re designed to be transparent, responsive and complete so we can guarantee great customer service and prompt resolution of your ICT issues and requests.

In over 60% of cases, our Service Desk team are so well trained and experienced that the entire process, right through to a fix, takes place while you’re on the phone. If not, we have a rigorous process in place to resolve your request in a fast and efficient manner. Here’s an outline of how it works.

Requesting support (raising a ticket)

  • We make it easy for you to start the process – the last thing you want when you need something doing is a complex or slow start. You can use the most convenient method for you:
  • You can email us using our support desk email, telephone us or connect with a technician using our real-time chat. Our Service Desk is manned from 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM and we monitor voicemails round the clock. You can also create a support ticket at any time using our web portal.


  • Once we have all the details from you, we quickly assess the priority of your request, based on how much it affects you and your organisations. For more information on how we do this, please see our SLA page. We’ll let you know what the priority is, but we can also change the priority if you let us know that we’ve got it wrong.
  • We’ll also let you know who the contact is for your ticket, so you know exactly who will be helping you. If your ticket needs escalating to someone with specialist knowledge, or if it passed on in order to speed things up, we’ll also let you know who they are.


  • Most problems and requests are dealt with by the people we call our “1st line support” who take your call or answer your email – all technically trained and not just call loggers.
  • They will look at your request and formulate a resolution plan. They will begin work on your ticket, but if they haven’t managed to find a complete resolution within the first 30 minutes of work, then we look to escalate your ticket up to the second line of support.
  • A key part of progress is for your contact to keep you fully updated – sometimes this is by email, and at other times we will call you, especially if there are any complications or delays so we can answer any questions you have.
  • We track progress against our promised timings (or SLAs) and if we get closer to our time limits we will also increase the priority of your ticket and escalate it too, if that is appropriate.


  • If a ticket is assessed and your issue is critical or very technical it will be escalated immediately to the senior members of our technical team. This ultimately saves time with serious issues. We have two further tiers of support.
  • Level two support – these are more experience and qualified technical staff, who are dedicated to dealing with your more complex issues, either remotely or as field engineers on your premises. This frees up our 1st line technicians to take more of your calls and provide a fast response and resolution for the majority of your issues.
  • Level three support – for critical, very urgent or highly complex tickets and requests, we have a 3rd line of technical staff. These people all have years of experience, full training and are certified to the top levels for key vendors. You can be rest assured that they will get to the bottom of the problem as quickly as is possible.
  • Some of our clients have their own in-house support team, and only call on us for a part of the support process, just to complement their internal processes – sometimes we manage their 1st line support (initial resolution and ticket management), or their 3rd line (to add specialist expertise to their own skills and experience).


  • Once your ticket is dealt with, we’ll check with you to confirm that things are working as expected before closing it.
  • You have up to 30 days to re-open a ticket (via telephone, email or our customer portal) if something comes up later or you’re unhappy with anything.


  • We usually send an email asking for feedback or comments from you. It’s up to you, but we really do appreciate your feedback. We always read what you have to say, and do our best to address any issues you highlight. Feedback is genuinely important and valuable to us. We’re dedicated to continual service improvement and your insights help us enormously.
Our support philosophy

Our support philosophy

Industry leading support systems We measure everything
  • We’ve made sure that we measure everything – from making it easy for you to get in touch, to tracking how long it takes us to resolve your issues, to making sure that you’re kept fully up-to-date and happy with how we’ve helped you.
Clients our No.1 priority
  • One of the things that makes us different is not forgetting that we’re here to help you. We strive to deliver a world-class client experience and everything we do focuses around our customers who are our number 1 priority. The technology we use comes second and is the means to an end – a way to attain our goals and achieve success.
Certified and experienced staff
  • What’s more our staff – even frontline on the phones – are all highly trained, experienced, and technically certified because we know that what counts most is getting you up-and-running as quickly as possible.

What next?

For more information about any of our IT support or managed services, please contact us today or call 01793 295000 and speak to one of our ICT experts to find how we can help support your organisation.