Office Moves

Moves, mergers, and growth can require substantial and complex changes to your ICT infrastructure. We’ll provide the expert support you need, carefully managing your relocation project to ensure everything works smoothly from day one of your move.


There’s a lot to think about, whether you’re moving into a larger space, setting up a brand new venture, opening multiple additional sites, or even moving to the Cloud.

Your ICT infrastructure includes all the vital equipment and services that you need to operate on a daily basis – from servers, networks and PCs, to phone systems, phone lines and connectivity.

We’ll shoulder much of your burden

A move is a serious challenge. It’s critical that you pick the right partner with plenty of experience of moves and with the expertise to minimise both risk and actual problems.

A great start is finding someone who understands all your systems – essential IT, telecoms and communications. One who is also sympathetic to your business needs and not just the technical aspects. will make sure everything goes smoothly. You can trust us to complete your move on time and on budget, avoiding costly outages and minimising disruption to your operations.

Our Relocation Services

We give you the choice and can assist with all or part of your relocation needs:

Managed office move flow chart - support

A complete, project managed relocation package

  • This covers everything from our fully managed relocation project plan, as outlined above – from initially planning the move in advance, decommissioning ICT equipment, setting up, testing and installing these systems at your new premises, transferring services such as phone lines and connectivity, and providing post move IT support, if required.

Tailored service

  • Alternatively, you can choose from our wide selection of relocation services to create a tailored service that meets your exact requirements.

Making your move as painless as possible

Disruption to business operations must be kept to a minimum: we’re always happy to fit in with your needs when planning your office move. So it’s fine to ask us to carry out the move outside your normal working hours, perhaps over a weekend, so you can keep trading as usual.

You’ll have a single point of contact at and we’ll keep you updated at every stage. We’ll pay close attention to all the finer details throughout the relocation process – no surprises along the way and making sure each milestone is achieved on time.

Thinking about moving to the Cloud

We can help make sure there’s no disruption and that nothing gets lost when moving information and data to the Cloud, as well as from one Cloud provider to another.

  • Assess the requirements and audit your files and data
  • Procure correct licensing options
  • Back-up data prior to move
  • Undertake transfer
  • Test access to files and make sure all data is there
  • Configure access
  • Support during and after the process

Find out more about how we can help you make the smooth transition to the Cloud:

Your Cloud journey with

Why not use you move to make improvements?

A move is an excellent time to review your existing services and equipment to make sure they are still fit for purpose. For example:

We always start with a thorough audit. We’ll look carefully at your existing IT, telecoms and connectivity infrastructure before analysing your requirements.

Then, we’ll recommend any upgrades or new services you might need so you can work as efficiently and productively as possible in the future.

What next?

With office moves and ICT relocation, the sooner you start, the smoother the transition will be. Please contact us today or call 01793 295000 to find out more and get your successful relocation process started.