Managed Cyber Security

Our managed and layered approach to Cyber Security will defend you against the ever-evolving threat landscape. It will also help you achieve industry compliance and address forthcoming regulation changes.

Changes to regulation

Up-coming changes to regulation will require businesses to follow more stringent Cyber Security policies. Uncertain of what this entails, many organisations will require expert help to satisfy Cyber Security expectations.

You can start with the Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme and Ten Steps to Cyber Security. However, these best practices must be continuously reviewed and revised so you can keep abreast of ever changing cyber threats.

Our layered approach exceeds the ten recommended steps and we can help you assess your readiness before you apply for Cyber Essentials accreditation.

What is a layered approach to security?

A layered approach means you’ll use several security tools and methods in combination. When combined this way, your defences are much stronger. In this case, as they say, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Each of the tools helps make the others more effective.

What we offer

Our Managed Cyber Security services will help to protect your ICT systems, minimise data theft and safeguard your critical business data and users from internal and external threats.

Our industry-leading business-grade security solutions will provide an extra layer for complete protection of your entire network, its infrastructure, applications, email systems, devices and users.

We’ll also manage, monitor and administer your protection, and help to plan your strategic approach to Cyber Security.

Our managed security services include:

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring and management
  • Continuous scanning for threats and intrusions with advanced warning
  • Automated ransomware detection and prevention
  • Managed security updates and patching
  • Preventative maintenance and software updates
  • In-house service desk with remote and onsite support
  • Incident management and resolution
  • Secure configuration of devices, applications and operating systems
  • User access control and privilege management
  • IT security governance, policies and compliance
  • User education and awareness training

Our managed security solutions are tailored to your specific business needs providing comprehensive protection for you and your staff including:

  • Managed perimeter/network security (UTM / firewalls)
  • Email/endpoint protection and malware prevention (anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spam)
  • Email filtering, impersonation and fraud protection
  • Predictive umbrella security with automated protection against advanced attacks
  • Web protection and content filtering
  • Mobile device/BYOD management & security
  • Password management and multi-factor authentication
  • Remote worker management and secure access (VPN)
  • Wireless network protection
  • Data loss and theft prevention
  • Managed backups and continuity

The next step to Cyber Security

If you’d like more information about our Cyber Security services and solutions, or would like to find out more about our Cyber Security Audits and packages, please contact us today or call 01793 295000 to speak to a specialist.