Backup and Recovery

The primary goal of threat management is to repel any attack from cyber threat. Given the rapid changes in threats that occur, it is always possible for an attack to be successful. Without Backup and Disaster Recovery you won’t be able to recover lost data and getting operational again will take much longer than most businesses can afford.

Disaster Recovery and Backups

You must have a disaster recovery plan in place as part of your Cyber Security strategy. You must consider all aspects of continuity to ensure that your business will continue to function in the event of an attack. This means you must also protect your data. Without this, your business is at considerable risk.

Cyber-attacks can result in varying degrees of disruption – from loss of productivity to a complete loss of data in the most extreme cases, which could result in the business being wound down. Fortunately, this has never been the case for any of our clients, but is not unheard of. Often, it is not as a direct result of the attack either – it can happen indirectly, through lessened cashflow or the damage created to relationships with suppliers and clients, for example. It’s a real problem.

Industry leading BDR solutions

At, we partner with a number of industry-leading Backup and Disaster Recovery vendors such as SolarWinds, Veeam, Datto and StorageCraft.

Reassurance and Expertise

While we can, of course, offer advice, and provide standalone backup solutions, we advocate a layered approach to Cyber Security. Business continuity is a key element of this.

Our security audits also include a review of your business continuity measures. We’ll identify any weaknesses in your policies and practices, and advise you on your options for adopting best practice, and for improvements that will give you that critical last line of defence against a successful attack. You’ll have the assurance from knowing that you can make a recovery within the time frame you need.

Knowing that you haven’t lost any of the information that is necessary for your business isn’t the complete picture. For most businesses, long delays and lost productivity are unacceptable. Our support team will be there to help you recover, in a calm and efficient manner, and as quickly as possible by removing any delays caused by unnecessary complexity. Basically, we’re there when you need us most.

What Next

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