About Us

We’re a responsive, client-focused and award winning Managed Service Provider helping clients achieve success through their IT, communications and telephony.

Although the title of this page is “About us” the subject is, actually, you.

It’s all about you

Since we began, back in 2010, we’ve learnt that whatever we do (regardless of which new technologies we’ve adopted, or any passion for service delivery we have, how nice we are, or the accreditations and awards we’ve achieved) unless the service we provide actually helps you run your business in a reliable, efficient and effective way, everything else is hot air.

Voting with feet

In the ICT Managed Services industry, if people are unhappy with their provider they will go elsewhere fairly sharpish.

The reasons for change may be to do with value for money, speed of response, technical capability, or just people and the way that service is provided.

We’re proud of our excellent client retention rate which has remained above 98% since we began trading 5 years ago.

Technology-driven and service led

Although we’re technology-driven we’re service led and service is the key value that underpins everything we do. We strive to deliver a world-class client experience and our customers are our number 1 priority.

Always improving

Honesty and professionalism is paramount to our client commitment. We realise that nobody is perfect, and have lost a few customers
along the way but gained many more. Most times it wasn’t our fault but we have learned from our mistakes.

However, we get it right most of the time and have grown our client base to over 100 clients. So we’re a stable partner for you, and we’re always getting better.

What are you like!

  • We can’t really bunch you up or apply a single market category to you. You’re all individual. You have your own aspirations, strategies, markets, products, operations and processes, size, and personality.
  • We like it that way, and a key part of our approach is to get to know you so we can give you a friendly, approachable and tailored service that suits you best.
  • Most of you are local to the Southwest, but some of you are found nationally, across Europe, and even overseas.
  • Some of you leave your ICT management to us, and some of you run an in-house IT Team. It all helps to make life interesting.

Getting-back from putting-in

ICT expertise is expensive to maintain in-house. ICT is a necessary enabler when it comes to efficiency, competitiveness, and even understanding your business.

Continual investment

We can improve your efficiencies and cut your costs though economies of scale. Our investments, shared amongst you, ensure value and efficiency.

Investment allows us all to keep ahead of the game, retain USPs, and remain competitive.

We invested in a communications business in 2013, to ensure that we, uniquely, have expertise in all aspects of IT, telephony and communications that you might need.

We continue to invest in additional staff, so we can ensure that you get the skill and resource needed. And we’re pushy about training and accreditation.

We invested significantly in replacing our Service Management Systems in 2014 so we can manage our services to you openly and efficiently.

Investment, when shrewd and thought-through, will bring benefits and pay for itself.

Our People

Probably the best way to make sure you get the service you deserve comes from us making sure that the people who work with us are happy and enjoy what they do.

The best help comes when staff are confident and knowledgeable – we encourage our employees to grow and learn through shared activities, training programmes, and certification schemes. Being here is exciting and rewarding.

Good service comes when our employees care – it’s very easy to say we’re passionate about service and quality, but actually achieving it is another thing.

We try to encourage passion through a safe and supportive environment, by encouraging accountability and ownership, and by developing and understanding the importance of our clients and employees as true company assets.

Lastly, it’s okay to have fun when the work is done.

It’s still all about you

We know that without you, there is no “us”. When you succeed, we succeed.

What next?

If you think we can help you move forward with your ICT, or you’d like more information about our services, please contact us today or call 01793 295000 to speak to one of our technology specialists.